Monday journal… 6 June 2016

Okay, it is a Monday and I have decided to restart my Monday journal. It was nothing to do with not managing to make any progress that I stopped, the reason that I actually stopped updating this was because I was concentrating on the story a day challenge that I was taking part in during May.

I found that an incredibly helpful challenge because I think that it taught me something about my writing. I felt that it encouraged me to expand my horizons and really think about the content of stories. I don’t know what everyone else thought about it but I really felt that my writing benefited from the challenge and the structure of it.

Of course, as ever, you are free to tell me if it changed my writing or not. I really appreciate everyone’s opinions on my work. Good or bad, because any criticism is something that you can learn from. You don’t have to worry that I would take it personally!

So, my work in progress. As you probably noticed I did use the characters of this in order to complete some of the challenges every day. I was particularly happy with the point of view exercises that I did. This actually left me wondering whether or not I should make my work in progress first person. I decided against this in the end because I wanted to be able to tell the story using several different peoples thoughts. I would still welcome any feedback on this.

At the moment, the whole thing is just over eighty-eight thousand words in length. I am quite near the end so I am happy with this.

There is plenty going on with me right now. I am going to see whose line is it anyway in London this week and I am really looking forward to that. I have also been booking tickets to see Billy talent, panic at the disco, Jack Whitehall, and placebo.

The biggest thing that I have booked for the London film and comic convention at the end of July. I am having my picture taken with Jack Gleeson who plays Joffrey in the game of thrones. I am going to dress up for the event and am hoping to do up my wheelchair so that it looks like the iron Throne. If this actually works out I will be incredibly happy to share the pictures with you. I am going to dress up as well, but what I am going to be wearing is going to be a secret (in case it all goes wrong!)

That is everybody caught up with things that are going on in my life. Until next week, stay well!

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