Never meant to be

The following piece came into my mind, and would not leave it until I had written it down. I don’t know this will be the first part of anything, or whether it was just a random piece that had to come out… No idea!

Let me know what you think of it anyway 🙂

2015-07-04 21.20.34

“It was never meant to be this way.” Liana sighed as she looked out the window of the tower. She pushed her long brown hair away from her face, and realised how slick with sweat she actually was. “They promised me that if I fell in love, the curse would be broken forever. Somebody; somewhere, has lied to me.” She was determined to find out just who that somebody was, and how they even dared to lie to a princess. However, that would be in some time because, right now, she had to deal with the fact her heart was broken.

Liana walked over to the bed and looked down at the man curled in the twisted sheets. She had been so amazingly in love, and was so excited for their wedding night. The images in her mind of him slowly undressing her in the unbelievable tender way that he had about everything he did.

Sadly, it had never got that far because the curse that had blighted Liana since she was young child had manifested. Without actually being in control of her own body, she had simply watched like a frightened child as her prince had been torn apart by whatever being invaded her body with a lust for blood.

She would have thought that the screaming would have brought people running, but nobody had, as yet, shown their face in the room. Maybe they thought it sounded like the usual noises of a honeymoon suite. Liana knew better, because surely the man would not have been the one screaming?

It would not be long before people invaded that space, and Liana knew that when they arrived she would be arrested, at the very least, or maybe put to death. She shuddered at the thought.

Then she heard the voice of her recently deceased husband. “I know this wasn’t you, so don’t apologise to me. What you need to do now, is run away as fast as you can. I will always be with you, so don’t worry about leaving me behind. I don’t want you to die because of something that has happened that you had no control over.”

“I don’t know where to go.” She closed her eyes as she tried to imagine that she was having a conversation with the man she loved. “Can you tell me where I need to be?”

“The answer to that is far away from here. The people of my kingdom will destroy you. I don’t know where your destiny lies, but I know it is not being killed for murder.” There was a pause. “You need to go now. Run!”

With the urging in her mind, the princess found herself running from the room; the castle; the kingdom. She had no idea where she was going, or what she was going to do, but she felt as though something was looking out for her.


14 thoughts on “Never meant to be

    1. That came as something like a surprise, a nice one, but still a surprise. I didn’t think that that jumble of words coming out of me was that great. You have made me go back and read it again 🙂 thanks so much for reading and commenting, it means a lot!


  1. I enjoyed this and the picture matched the story so well. She has to save herself, I wonder if that can break the curse so viciously put on her. I’m sad she cannot be with the man she loves.

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  2. I know what you mean about a story desperately clawing to get out of your head and breathe on its own. That happens to me all the time. Best not to fight it and get it out.

    I think you might have fun going back and finding out where this story leads. I know I would like to read more. Have fun with it. Nice work Angie.

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    1. I am actually quite impressed that it made sense the moment it left my head. It is very annoying that only that one scene in my mind, rather than anything complete, but I am glad it is out at least. Maybe now I can get on with my work in progress! I should think that I will probably come back to it, because so many people have told me that they want to read some more 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting.

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