Monday journal – 27 July 2020

These weeks are just flying past, right? I can’t believe that it is a Monday and the start of another week. It is also time for me to update you all on everything I have been doing.

Well, first things first, I have definitely posted a lot more over the last seven days so I am definitely proud of that. I impressed myself with my haiku and I think I am getting better at writing those more I do it. I could be very wrong and point that out! Being told is the only way to learn!

As you probably noted, writing Wednesday did not make an appearance. This is because a district nurse delayed me. A morning visit didn’t happen until 2:30 PM! By the time that was done, I couldn’t be bothered to do that and my work in progress!

My work in progress is coming along nicely. I am doing some editing just to make it readable and then I will continue to finish the first draft. I am not expecting the first draft to be anything but a mess, but then as Terry Pratchett said, the first draft is just you telling yourself the story.

I have a new picture of my homepage for the website because of some feedback that I received about the menu being hard to spot. I hope it is to everybody’s liking 🙂

That is everything for the week, so until next week have a lot of fun!

Stay safe.


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