SPF: Empty streets

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Ever since this happened, this coronavirus quarantine, things have been very different outside my window.

My flat overlooks what is usually a very busy intersection. I always said that the endless traffic and impatient honking of horns at every hour stopped me from sleeping. However, there are no cars travelling by, and now I have discovered that I can’t sleep in this unusual silence. I wouldn’t survive living in a suburb rather than the city centre.

I need noise; I crave noise. An incredible feeling of emptiness fills the apartment, and I swear it results from the empty streets below.


I wrote this in response to this week’s Sunday photo fiction.


5 thoughts on “SPF: Empty streets

    1. LOL, I am used to the quiet myself as I live in the middle of nowhere! However, I can imagine that people would miss things that they got used to over time. Never been woken by a seagull, only by hedgehogs (noisy things) and my cats! Thank you for reading and commenting.

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