Short fiction

Okay, I have reached my next generic writing assessment in that masterclass by Neil Gaiman. This is all about crafting a short story and to do this he suggests that I take the last piece of writing I did and change the setting. That would be the story I posted yesterday called don’t look down. It has taken me quite a while to figure this one out but I think I am finally there and ready to write another short story. Comment about which one you liked better.

Going below

Michelle spurred her legs onwards in a run that was hurting. Her breathing was rapid as she plunged across the rooftop of the building. A quick glance behind her sought out the man chasing her as if to clarify that he was still there. He was a lot older than she was as she had only just turned 15. She only hoped that she knew the building better than him and this would be the way she would escape.

Her black hair flew out behind her as she sprinted towards the edge of the building. Without hesitation, her feet left the asphalt of the rooftop in what she hoped would look like a desperate leap into the unknown. In fact, she had flipped mid air to grab hold of the fire escape and start climbing quickly down. The iron rungs of the ladder were cold against her skin, but she maintained her grip.

Above her, the man started down the fire escape in a way that suggested he had always known it was there. Michelle silently cursed.

Why did life always seem to turn out like this? Oh yes, because she had always planned it to.

The climbdown seem to last for far too long considering the height of the building, but she didn’t stop, not even when the iron rungs felt like holes whittled into rock are convenient places. The air smelled different and the pollution from traffic seemed to give way to a smell she could only describe as brimstone.

The floor finally arrived, and she jumped back. Her feet made a clipping sound as they touched the ground. They were no longer feet, but hooves and her red dress was now more like skin. By the time her pursuer got to the bottom, he turned to realise his fateful mistake.

He had chased the devil into hell.


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