Writing Wednesday – 13 September 2017

Hello everybody and welcome to another Writing Wednesday. The idea of this is I am going to write about whatever subject has inspired me this week.

Everybody is welcome to join in, of course, and you can do that by either writing something in the comments or giving me a pingback to your work. (It goes without saying that you should feel free to share your work if you get the urge to do so!)

What am I going to use as my inspiration this week?

The word… Smile

I have always been told that my smile is pretty. I can’t tell you whether this is true or not because you very rarely smile at yourself with any meaning. In the mirror it is often just for a quick check of your makeup or clothing before you go anywhere, and, in a picture, a smile is a natural reaction to having a lens shoved in your face.

Mind you, it is always a compliment if someone tells you that because they are basically telling you that you are pretty, and, therefore, accepted. It is a strange idea that society has built up that you need to be pretty in order to be an accepted human being. Especially if you happen to be female.

So, it has ended up, my smile is simply part of my make up and is generally painted on to hide the issues underneath my skin. Nobody needs to know the battles I am having with myself on a daily basis.

I am a warrior and my smile has become my warpaint.


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