WW: Getting a head.

It all came down to a flip of a coin. There were two of us going through the tunnels of the underground in London. There were no trains, so there was no worry about getting hit. Apparently, this is quite a regular occurrence for workers of the underground, but it was definitely of no concern [...]

WW: world destroyed

When she first heard the news, the glass she was holding slipped from my fingers and shattered on the tiled surface of the kitchen floor. It might as well have been some kind of metaphor for what she actually felt. Her eyes remained fixed on the television and the news of an explosion in the [...]

WW: hauntingly beautiful

I got called hauntingly beautiful once. I smiled and laughed, but I never gave it any thought for a very long time. By then it was much too late. I am thinking the stranger calling me that was passing on a curse. Now, I am stuck forever in this place where I died. I can’t leave and move [...]