Monday journal: January 16, 2023

Hello everybody 🙂

I know I didn’t post very much last week, but I ended up having one of those weeks where the time just seems to run away from you! You know, like hospital appointments that should take 20 minutes somehow taking five hours!

But I got something done more with my Jack the Ripper story! (Silver lining!)

Anyway, another week and a little more time to try! Let’s see what fun and games will await me this week!

Right, time to get right back into my Jack the Ripper story. Doing research that is very interesting, I hope nobody is looking at my search history! That is like “if you server a windpipe will the victim die?” I wonder how many people get believed if they say they are researching a story!

Until next week, get creative and stay safe out there 🙂

Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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