Monday journal – 20 July 2020

Hello everybody,

This has been a busy week so have not got a lot on this page done. Writing wise, I am doing okay at the moment and then looking forward to putting on with that.

To make up for my inactivity, I will do all my weekend tasks today. This includes my Saturday six word story and both Sunday photo fiction and song lyric Sunday. Expect a busy day… Because knowing my luck, it will be the only day I get to spend on my page!

I have finished the masterclass by Dan Brown and it was very good. That thriller writing seems to take to creativity out of everything, as it is very detailed. It sounds difficult to write, so I think I will probably just enjoy reading them instead of trying to do that. Mind you, my work in progress would never be a thriller, so I am happy just having watched the process. Next up is the author of goosebumps and is aimed at writing for the younger audience. I hope to learn quite a lot from that one!

Reading has been coming along well, and I’m now halfway through Neil Gaiman’s American gods. Really enjoying it so far!

Not much else to add to this, so I will continue with my writing for the day and see you all again for the next instalment of my life next week!

Stay safe.


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