Book review: Caught by the Dragon – Mac Flynn

Caught By the Dragon: Maiden to the Dragon #1 (Alpha Dragon Shifter Romance) by [Flynn, Mac]

This is a story about a group of girls who get kidnapped and find themselves in a different realm entirely. They are told that they are to be maidens for dragon lords and that this is actually a great privilege. Obviously, they do not quite see it that way and just want nothing more than to return to their homes.

When they arrive, they are chosen by certain lords and then taken up to their new quarters. Once they are there they receive a branding to show which house they now belong to. Unable to believe the idea that they are in a different dimension and being kept by dragons one of them tries to run away.

This is when they first find out that the person has wings hidden behind them. Thinking that was just a figment of their imagination they try to disappear again the next day only to end up in the Lords bedroom. He knows exactly where she is hiding because of the mark on her shoulder. He shows her its wings and explains that there is a portal linking the dimensions but that she is unable to go back. He takes her there just so that she can see it or herself.

At the beginning, I thought this is going to be one of those stories where the kidnapping is completely forgotten and forgiven just because the man involved is hot. It is kind of like that but it is done in a better way where the girl accepts what she has become, as well as her new Dragon Lord.

It is part of a serious but the story is good enough to be stand-alone. I do like that in a series because I am not a fan of the to be continued type story.

I would recommend this to anybody who enjoys paranormal romance, or maybe anybody who enjoys the mediaeval fiction type world. It is very well written even though it is a bit fast moving in places making it feel rushed.

In the end, I gave this 3/5 stars.

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