Monday journal – 20th of March 2017

Well, here we are at the start of another week and so it is time for my weekly roundup in my Monday journal.

I am really enjoying using the beacon software from one room to manage my targets. As a result, I seem to be making progress at a quick rate. There is nothing like a bit of motivation that a deadline provides to get you going on things. I have added to it as an overall target that I hope to finish the first draft by November. Hopefully, it will be quicker than this but for me, that was a realistic target for a number of words I want to be written.

Quick question for you, I am not sure there is enough of the story to form a trilogy but there is probably more than as a sensibly sized novel. My question is, is this such a thing as a pair of books? Either that or I am going to have to make up a whole storyline to fill in the middle!

The challenges are going along very nicely and I am definitely enjoying taking part in them. I hope everybody is enjoying reading them as well.

Today I submitted two articles to a writing site in the hope of being able to sell them. I will let you know if anybody purchases them.

I am in for a busy week this week so I am not sure how much I am going to get done, but I am definitely going to try!

Until next week, take care!


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