TLT: Day at the seaside

three line tales, week 192: a rainbow over a plaza

“Typical,” the man complained from inside the car, “we drive all the way to do seaside and it rains.”

“Stop complaining, dear,” his long-suffering wife replied.

“Granddad,” the young toddler announced excitedly pointing at the sky, “pretty colours!”

Written for three line tales


SPF: The storm

Photo from Pixabay

It came out of nowhere.

The Typhoon warning alarm sounded and, after a moment of surprise, everyone ran to get undercover. In our case , we were outside eating on a balcony of the popular bar. Inside the brick building, we could hear the wind and rain, causing absolute chaos out.

The 12 of us that were now inside were trying to work out where it had come from. There had been nothing on the news or weather discussing this was going to happen. That was undoubtedly very rare, as these days we were used to getting about two weeks notice of a storm like this hitting the area.

There had been no warnings, and even the weather before the alarm sounded had not given us as many clues as we would like. It all seemed to be so strange that this phenomenon was even occurring, let alone that we were stuck in the middle.

After what seemed like an eternity, it passed overhead, and we cautiously opened the door to look outside. There were a few clouds, but nothing unusual in the sky. Then we noticed the furniture of the balcony twisted and hanging in a strange and eerie sight.

Written for Sunday photo fiction

FOWC with Fandango: Shadow


Today’s one-word challenge is the word shadow. You can find the challenge here.

The clouds skipped over the sky, casting their shadows on the ground beneath them. The clouds brought with them a promise of rain.

As the world around dark grew dark, the first droplets began to fall. The parched ground welcomed the moisture as did the various plants which had slowly started to shrivel under the intense sunlight that had come before.

People began to leave their homes in wonder as it had been so very long since it had rained that it seemed like a distant memory of a long-forgotten past. Outstretched palms started catching raindrops in delight as people danced about in the water now streaming from the sky.

Even darker shadows followed as the rumbles of thunder sounded from above. The approaching storm was of no concern to the people. The clearing of the air was as welcome as the rain itself.

Finally, the dry spell had been broken by the shadows of the clouds.

Things I am thankful for…

Day 2

My five things:

  1.  Updating my story on both tablo  and scrivener.  I am only putting it on tablo because I am paranoid that if my computer was to crash I would lose all of my work.
  2.   Getting likes on my fifty word story. Admittedly, I do not receive a lot of feedback for the work that I publish on here. I do appreciate it when things get liked, because it means that somebody is enjoying my work.
  3.  That it is not so hot today. I find it a lot easier to concentrate on writing when I am not thinking that it is to hot and uncomfortable.
  4.  Getting new followers. I got three followers after I published my fifty word story, and I appreciate every single one that I get.
  5. Reminiscing with old friends. It had been twenty-one years to the day since I embarked on a month long journey with complete strangers. Unsurprisingly, we all returned as very good friends. It has been nice remembering that journey today 🙂