TLT: Summer camp

photo by Dmitri Popov via Unsplash My parents sent me to summer camp. That was their promise anyway. When I saw it, I was sure they had sent me to the nut house. Written for three line tales


This is my entry into this week's Sunday photo fiction challenge. The idea is that you write 200 words inspired by the picture provided. He stared at horizon, but he was not really seeing the beauty of the countryside that surrounded him. The rolling hills, the waving grass, the fluffy white clouds that skipped across [...]

How I feel about books…

Well, okay, so mine do actually have batteries because I rely on a Kindle to read… But I still wonder why people are not generally carrying around books of any kind for their reading pleasure. This is especially true in waiting rooms, why do people not take a book along into a waiting room, but [...]