Vampire shift – Tim O Rourke

This is the story of the young woman who is just out of training school to be a constable. She has an ability which she described as seeing, although what this actually means is that she is able to see things on a crime scene, or on an individual, that anyone will be able to [...]

The homecoming masquerade (girls in black, book 1) – Spencer Braum

This is the story of the homecoming school’s masquerade ball celebrating the final year, and starting the competition for the coronation of the Queen. Sounds a bit normal, right? But this is no ordinary ball because this is for Thorndike Academy, and the winner of the coronation will be made an immortal. The losers will [...]

the vampire warden by S.J.Wright – a review

In this story Sarah, the main character, finds out that she is a vampire warden. This means that she is in charge of looking after vampires who have, somehow, got on the wrong side of the Council. She actually gets to meet one of the vampires trapped inside the meadow. His name is Michael and [...]