Twittering tales: Even the dead need entertaining

  It had been way too long since one of the living had ventured anywhere close to me. The other ghosts in this graveyard weren’t stimulating conversation. I couldn’t believe some jackass took my life so I couldn’t move on. Wait, it’s Halloween, trick or treaters to have fun with. Character count: 279 written for [...]

Twittering tales: Words of wisdom

Photo by Mikechie Esparagoza at We filled the wall with all the words to promote self. They were meant to make you feel better. Alison looked at them and sighed. They only made her feel more worthless. Simple words were not enough to combat depression.   Character count: 217   Written for twittering tales

Twittering tales: Heavens above!

“Touch nothing,” the head astronomer warned as the left the room. The new technician's chair collapsed and he landed on the controls. “Ow and Oops.” Returning, the head astronomer stared in disbelief at moving machinery. “I told you not… Wait, what’s that?” Character count: 270   Written for twittering tales

Twittering tales: By the roadside

Photo by David “Daddy, what’s that?” “Dangerous son, stay out of sight… Wait, where are you going?” The bigger bear could only look on as his cub walked out the bush and up to the metal thing. The humans inside reacted by screaming. Daddy bear smiled, “at least they weren’t hunters!”   Character count: 264 [...]