Tiny tales: Dirty little secret

Alan didn't tell many people what his job was because it made unpopular. Sometimes it had advantages, as people told him things they probably shouldn't. For example, Bill told him about the rat problem in the restaurant, so he didn't need to perform that inspection to fail it. I wrote this inspired by this week's [...]


Tiny tales: Join the fun

Party season is in full swing, but coronavirus has forced everybody into separation. This doesn't mean there is a reason to be down in the dumps because all you have to do is look out the window and watch everyone partying alone but together. I wrote this inspired by this week's fandango's flash fictions challenge.

WW/FFFC: Moving on

The young girl set down her suitcase before glancing back at the way she had walked. It was time to move on a all busted nd the only thing left to do was deciding where she was going to go. Pulling down the balloons, she studied them. No, this solar system bored her. "Bye," whispered [...]

WW/FFFC: Past meets present

It was just one of those average school trips to some stately home. That's what I thought anyway until we entered what was the old sitting-room. When everybody saw empty chairs in a space, I saw people and they noticed me. "Welcome home!" What was happening? It was just one of those average school trips [...]

Tiny Tuesday – Going up

"My feet hurt," Cheryl complained. "How much further?" "We'll be there soon," Daniel replied patiently. "You're the one wearing heels." "Sorry for not expecting to climb a mountain to our holiday home. You bought the house at the top, didn't you?" "It was you who wanted a view." I wrote this in response to fandango's [...]