Seriously America? WTF?

I think it shocked everybody worldwide to see the scenes that went on in the capitol building this week. I get it, people didn't vote the way you did, that is no reason to get violent. I mean, we had Brexit, which I never agreed with. However, I followed along with it because it was [...]


SoCS: Dress

Written for stream-of-consciousness Saturday If you say the word dress to me, you may as well be swearing! Not that I don't like dresses and white a lot you will find me at social events wearing one. But that is just it. A social event. It would not be something that I would consider in [...]

Monday journal… 7 December 2015

Can you actually believe that it is a Monday already? It comes around so fast these days, and I almost fell like nothing has happened that I am able to update everybody on! However, more has probably happened than what I realise, so I should probably go ahead and get everybody up to speed. (Including [...]