Song lyric Sunday: Automobiles/Cars/Vehicles

For this week's song lyric Sunday they have challenged us to find songs about cars/vehicles/automobiles.Unable to be creative today I am using the classic Gary Numan track, cars.However, I have chosen a different version to put out there so I am using Bill Bailey the comedian. If you have ever seen any of his live [...]


Song lyric Sunday: breakfast/brunch/snacks/supper/dinner

For this week's song lyric Sunday Paula (via Jim) has given us the prompts of breakfast/lunch/brunch/snacks/dinners/supper. Of course, the only thing that popped into my head straightaway was breakfast at Tiffany's but I thought that quite a lot of people would probably end up thinking the same thing!So, I decided to push a little bit [...]

Song lyric Sunday: Comparison

This week's song lyric Sunday is all about comparing two different songs. I have done a cover version compared to the original as they are both very different.Not to say this makes for an inadequate cover as there are plenty of cover versions that are completely different to the original. There is one really stood [...]

Song lyric Sunday: Girls name beginning with S

This week's song lyric Sunday has challenged us to find a song title or lyrics containing a woman's name beginning with the letter S. I have chosen Simone by Donna Lewis.This song is basically about letting go of your past in order to live the future that is waiting for you. Good advice :-)Enjoy!

Song lyrics Sunday: One-word title

For this week's song lyric Sunday we are hunting for songs using only one word in the title.This is a very open subject, so I have done what I usually do in situations like this. Yes, I turned to Depeche Mode. This time I will show you Martyr.Enjoy! I have showcased this song simply [...]