Review: the cyborg tinkerer – Meg LaTorre

I follow a YouTube channel called iWriterly, which is hosted by Meg LaTorre. This year she produced her debut novel called the cyborg tinkerer. Because I follow that channel and was interested in reading her work, I invested in the novel. The other reason I read it was because my interest in steam punk, so [...]


Book review: The last train – Richard Alan

This book is written about a man called Jake, and his wife Bernadette. There is an argument between Jake and somebody we don’t really know about, but it is resolved when the train that he is on gets blown up. He dies, but she does not. He is in heaven and is a spiritual being. [...]

Book review: the good knight – Sarah Woodbury

The good knight is apparently a mediaeval mystery. However, it lacks any detail that would make it incredibly mediaeval. The only thing really is that they all go out on horseback and there are castles involved. Saying that though, the characters are incredibly likeable and the story is very good. You can’t forgive the lack [...]