I found this image earlier on today, I have chosen to write about what friendship means to me. I actually thought it was going to be more complicated than what cookie monster had to say, but then I realised that it is actually quite an accurate statement. Not as far as cookies are concerned, of [...]


Monday journal

Okay, so it is Monday again. I can hardly believe that yet another week has passed, and also, yet another month. Where has this year actually gone? Mind you, I am quite pleased with the progress that I have made with my writing so far this year. I mean, some of my work has found [...]

IS ‘blows up’ ancient temple in Palmyra (link)

This is something that I will never understand. I mean terrorism is all about spreading terror, so where does destroying ancient buildings fit into that? What exactly is the message that they are trying to get through to us by doing things like this? If the message is simply that they are dicks, then they [...]