Story a day: Something new

I am not really sure what to do for this prompt which is: The Prompt Write a story in a genre that you wouldn’t normally write. If you’re a squeamish sort of person, try writing a gory horror story. Or if you hate everything mushy and lovey-dovey, try a tender romance. If you don’t normally write [...]

The ‘what if’s’ of an idiot

Found on: But, you see, being disabled is divine for me, as it is who I am, and I don't want to change myself. I guess some climb the pity tree, but, honestly would anyone change what makes them, well, them? Does that make me the idiot? Well, then so be it! I share [...]


I thought I'd try poetry... This may be bad! -- Snowflakes cascading down Silent like the morning dew Melting as they touch Skin starkly contrasting the white with blue   Amber eyes not made to blink Do not change as he gives a battle cry Fearing poison he jumps back Spreads those wings to prepare [...]