Quick question

Should I have a go at hosting some kind of flash fiction challenge? I am running out of things to make myself write in the middle of the week… And wondered if hosting a challenge would be any good. I have 200 followers (well, just over) and wondered if anyone would want to join in [...]


IS ‘blows up’ ancient temple in Palmyra (link)

This is something that I will never understand. I mean terrorism is all about spreading terror, so where does destroying ancient buildings fit into that? What exactly is the message that they are trying to get through to us by doing things like this? If the message is simply that they are dicks, then they [...]

What Harry Potter Is Actually About. Childhood Ruined. (Link)there are a

I have read this before somewhere, and I actually think that this is a very good explanation of Harry Potter. At the very least it is an alternative view, that creeps it back into the reality of what we'll consider 'normal'. Of course, everybody likes the idea of magic, along with the battles that Harry [...]