Beyond the Horizon With Jared Leto

I think that this is a very interesting documentary that raises a good few points about what we should be doing in the future. I mean, yes, we should be doing something that will make that change in order for our own species to survive. Okay, I admit it, I am probably a little bit [...]

Adopt A Story Part?

I like the idea of this in principle, but some of the things that they ask you to adopt are incredibly detailed… To me, it would just feel like I was writing somebody else’s story and that would feel wrong.

The idea of adopting a first line is something like that is enough to get the creative juices flowing.

A character is something that I would never be able to adopt, or give away, because I spend a lot of time building up that character and I know everything about them. However, it is in each to their own kind of idea.

Writerish Ramblings

I came across a section in the Nanowrimo forums titled Adoption Society. Under this category were many adoptable story parts. It’s meant to help writers who need some inspiration or ideas. It had everything from Adopt An Opening Line to Adopt An Antagonist. There were threads for plots, setting, creatures, back story, dying words, magic systems, titles, names, characteristics, etc.

What I’m wondering is would you find them helpful? There are several different ways to see this:

  • Are these threads simply prompts or would you feel like you’re stealing an idea?
  • Can they inspire or would it be restricting?
  • If you wrote a great story using one would you be thankful or feel guilty?
  • Would you prefer the entries to be detailed or vague?

For me it depends. If the adoptable part isn’t very detailed than it’s exactly like looking up writing prompts. If it’s very detailed then not only…

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Monday journal

Okay, so it is Monday again. I can hardly believe that yet another week has passed, and also, yet another month. Where has this year actually gone? Mind you, I am quite pleased with the progress that I have made with my writing so far this year. I mean, some of my work has found [...]

Virginia Shooting: WDBJ 7 News Crew Shot Dead Live On Air in Moneta, Franklin County

Virginia Shooting: WDBJ 7 News Crew Shot Dead Live On Air in Moneta, Franklin County. There are no words to describe how horrific this must have been for those in the studio who are watching, or indeed their loved ones who would have also been watching. However, what it does go to show is what [...]

Was William Shakespeare high when he penned his plays? – Features – Theatre & Dance – The Independent

LOL! The only thing that I would have to say about this is, does anybody actually care? I was watching a TV programme yesterday that was talking about historical accusations. They were basically saying how far back in history where they planning to go? (Obviously, they were talking about the allegations of paedophilia by the [...]