Monday journal… 12 January 2016

I know it is a Tuesday, but I am going to do my Monday journal anyway. It is not my fault that I could not complete this yesterday, but rather the fault of technology. You see, in my wisdom I had decided to buy wireless headphones so that I could dictate a lot easier than [...]

Monday journal… January 4, 2016

It is a Monday once again! Actually the first Monday of a brand-new year, so welcome into 2016 🙂 I am determined that this will be the year that I will find the sort my work in progress out! Speaking of my work in progress, it is still at just about the same spot it was [...]

Monday journal… 28 December 2015

  This is the final entry in my Monday journal for 2015. The end of the year has come by so fast, it hardly seems like yesterday since the very beginning of the year. It gives me a chance to realise just how long I have been beavering away on my work in progress. The [...]

Monday journal – 21 December 2015

Can you actually believe that it is a Monday once again? Not only that, of course, but it is also the final Monday before the dreaded Christmas arrives! So, I should probably start this journal by wishing everyone a happy holiday season 🙂 So, on with my usual kind of nonsense. My work in progress [...]