FFFC/MMA Storytime: holiday unravelled

To the untrained eye, this looked like a typical holiday scene. Equally distant umbrella spaces for families to sit under with enough privacy from neighbouring ears. It was a setup that could easily be replicated in any resort.This was true enough, but the actual truth was in the hidden meaning of the umbrella’s. The hidden [...]

FFFC/MMA storytime: A quiet word

To the outsider, this looked like it was a romantic picture of Linda and Alan after they had moved in together. To anybody who knew what the couple could tell you differently. The tension in Allen’s arm gave it away.It was true; they had only just moved in and everything seemed to go great. That [...]

FFFC/MMA Storytime: Doing what you’re told

I was sitting innocently at my work desk when my mother appeared through the doorway. Whatever she was about to say to me dissipated on her tongue as she glanced around the room.“What is that?”Following the pointing finger, I looked at the skull. “What it looks like.”“Is it real? I want nothing like that in [...]

FFFC/MMA Storytime: Just another day

It was just another day in the Prairie. Bison were quietly grazing on the gently waving grass and everything was calm and still.Suddenly, chaos erupted as a pride of lions erupted from the grass to begin their hunt. Bison scattered in a cacophony of sounds. In a tangle of limbs, everything was all over as [...]

FFFC/MMA Storytime: Unusual reaction

I looked out the window with a surge of disgust. Most people, if confronted with the idealistic picture of snow covering everything in sight, would feel delight. I am not most people because in reality I can’t stand the stuff.It might look fantastic at first when everything is crisp and white, but as people walk [...]

FFFC/MMA Storytime: Combinations

Nobody, not even Steve, could tell you why he had sat exactly where he did. Maybe it was the element of danger, or maybe it was the mixture of the freedoms of the atmosphere. Air and water in proximity gave an excellent combination of watching cloud formations. Relaxing in that undisturbed place, Steve got the [...]