TLT: Happy mistake

Time-lapse can fail sometimes,Dog walker bombed my shot.Seems I got a ghost! I wrote this inspired by this week's three line tales.

6WSP: Past

It never happened; it's fake news! I wrote this inspired by this week's Saturday six word story prompt. This feels like every politician everywhere would say something like this at some point. Here in the UK we had Dominic Cummings breaking the rules and getting away with it and recently Matt Hancock doing exactly the [...]

TLT: Majestic nature

Birds of beauty,The jails make breathtaking sights.Man, the noises disturb! I wrote this in response to this week's three line tales. Birds of beauty, baby day If you have not had the pleasure of hearing that ear bending cry then here it is:

6WSP: Normal

Normal's only a washing machine cycle. I wrote this inspired by this week's six word story prompt. I genuinely believe that there is no such thing as normal. Everybody is different and has their own little quirks, which are every day to them. So, yeah, nothing is a normal that would apply to everybody.Saying that [...]