Tiny tales: Wise words

My grandad was a smart man. One day he took me clothes shopping in a charity shop to buy what other people had thrown away. "Look after the pennies," he always said, "and the pounds will look after themselves." He was right. I shop nowhere else, and now I'm rich. I wrote this inspired by [...]


WW/FFFC: Moving on

The young girl set down her suitcase before glancing back at the way she had walked. It was time to move on a all busted nd the only thing left to do was deciding where she was going to go. Pulling down the balloons, she studied them. No, this solar system bored her. "Bye," whispered [...]

WW/FFFC: Past meets present

It was just one of those average school trips to some stately home. That's what I thought anyway until we entered what was the old sitting-room. When everybody saw empty chairs in a space, I saw people and they noticed me. "Welcome home!" What was happening? It was just one of those average school trips [...]