Monday Journal

This was inspired by the prompt that you can read here. So, I am not going to talk about the depressing crap that goes on in my life, because it is not my job to make everyone else down… Or maybe feel better about themselves, who knows? No, instead I am going to talk about [...]



This short story was written in her response to the midweek blues buster, and was inspired by the piece of music featured. The night had started like any other night when you are on the run from the law. It seemed funny to me now that it was only two days before that we had [...]

Things that inspire me to write

Okay, so I saw this question being asked here: and thought that I would give it a go and answer it myself. Lots of different things inspire me though, so is actually more difficult to answer than I first thought. First of foremost in my mind, music. I do not have set music that I [...]