Monday journal – 4 January 2021

Hello people and happy New Year! Well, starts as you mean to go on and post the Monday journal on a Monday! I deserve a badge for that little achievement 🙂 Not much is being going on for this week it has still been a holiday so much of my time is spent lounging about [...]

Thanks for the memories 2015

What a year this has been. These are my stats per month for the last twelve months: as you can see, this really started to take off in September, and is pretty much remained at that level ever since. This is mainly due to the flash fiction chances that I enjoy taking part in each [...]

Monday journal… 28 December 2015

  This is the final entry in my Monday journal for 2015. The end of the year has come by so fast, it hardly seems like yesterday since the very beginning of the year. It gives me a chance to realise just how long I have been beavering away on my work in progress. The [...]