Things I am thankful for… 7 January 2016

Somewhere along the way, as per usual, my Wednesday gratitude journal never actually happened. So, I will be doing it today instead! Here is my list of five things: Writing. I am really getting along with this at the moment. I will be talking about my work in progress in a minute, but for now [...]

Things I am thankful for… 30 December 2015

We have reached the middle of another week and it is time to tell you the things that I am grateful for this week. So, here are my five things for the week: Friends/followers/connections: yes, this would be everybody that I managed to get in touch with during the week. I really enjoy reading updates [...]

Things I am thankful for… 9 December 2015

It is a Wednesday again. My newly found day to fill in my gratitude journal. So, without further ado, here is my list of five things for the week: Organisation. This would be in general, as I have managed to find a to–do list that works, a great diabetic app, and have just started using [...]

I am thankful for…

I put up some things that you can do with your smart phone on here the other day. One of them suggested that you keep a gratitude journal to keep up with the good things that have happened to you on that day. I was going to do this until I found out that the [...]