Friday fictioneers: Coded message

PHOTO PROMPT © CEAyr Ben returned from the counter. He saw the luminous colour of the Post-it but he could not read it until he put his glasses on. Once he did he became very confused. The words written were “Marx, Highgate.” Why would anybody put that on his book? Was it a code? Should he [...]

Friday fictioneers: the Long Hill

PHOTO PROMPT © Linda Kreger  It was a warm sunny day, and the cousins thought it would be nice to take Granddad out for a stroll. Once he was in the wheelchair they all set off on their walk. When they reached the bottom of the hill it was fair to say that they completely misjudged [...]

Friday fictioneers: Reality

Copyright -John Nixon There was a horrible creaking noise and Alexander knew exactly what was about to happen. It was almost as if it happened in slow motion. The rope gave way and the grand piano went crashing towards the floor. It made an almighty noise as the air seemed to push itself out over [...]

Friday fictioneers: Hook, line, and sinker

PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy Robert was reading the clue on the pink piece of paper. He was in the right place for the scavenger hunt and he had already got the diving helmet that he knew was essential to the task. The smile gave away his confidence of winning. According to the writing, [...]

Friday fictioneers: Dreams

Thanks to Piya Singh for this week’s photo prompt. Jayne walked into the place that she had seen within a dream. Her eyes were wide and her breath came in rapid gasps. As she moved into the building her feet crunched over the sand scattered on stone and the darkness seemed shroud her. Even though [...]

Friday fictioneers: Class difference

  PHOTO PROMPT © Mary Shipman The servants had always told us that we should never go downstairs. It was a strange thing to be taking orders from the servants but it was just something that we never thought about as classes never mixed. That was until one day when I heard the crash of [...]

Friday fictioneers: Summer holiday

  PHOTO PROMPT © Madison Woods It was the middle of the summer holidays and Benji had reached the level of mindnumbing boredom. As he lay in the field he turned to his mate, Johnny, and sighed heavily. “Yeah, me too.” They had been staring up at the sky, but right now Benji twisted his [...]