FFftPP: Dried up?

  Something was wrong. The river (well, I call it a river break is a stream in reality) had dried up. The air was cold and damp so I knew had nothing to do with the weather. What had happened to my water? I looked up and down the river to work out what was [...]

FFftPP: A whole new day

Pixabay December Pexels 2019 New Year’s Day dawned revealing a light dusting of snow. The freshness of snow better had yet to be walked on gave everything a brightness that Rebecca would have struggled to put into words. Her gaze roamed around the garden that had been completely covered and was busy admiring the beauty [...]

FFftPP: Born to be wild

Written for flash fiction for the purposeful practitioner. https://morguefile.com/creative/GaborfromHungary/7/all904720e616217dce5c9bf4bbe375ac32 Alison walked towards the mounted police officers with confidence. She has some pieces of apple in her hands, which she fed to the horses. One of the policemen ignored her but the other one motioned so she could come round the side to talk to him. “Hey there, [...]

FFftPP: Green circle

Sophie was in mid-flow with the conversation when they walked through the door. She stopped instantly and stared at the floor. The small group that had been following her drew to a halt and looked about them in confusion. They exchanged nervous glances between each other before asking Sophie the obvious question. “Are you okay? [...]

FFftPP: Empty chairs at empty tables

They had set the tables nice and neatly along the street as they had every morning for many years now. They had stacked the menus in the central position waiting for the daily rush to start. It was a rush that never arrived. For the whole day, the only thing to rustle the paper napkins was [...]

FFftPP: Yard sale

https://morguefile.com/creative/GaborfromHungary/47/all _DSC7913 I was walking along, minding my business. In fact, there was no plan in the direction I was walking, as all I wanted to be was alone. Surprised, I found that I had strolled into my old neighbourhood and I was practically standing outside of my old house. It took me a moment to [...]

FFftPP: Granddad’s secret

https://morguefile.com/creative/GaborfromHungary/47/all _DSC7987 Granddad had a very old-fashioned gramophone that was placed in what was once his office. It was always immaculate, and you could often find him polishing it. There was a record on that gramophone, but we could not tell from the label what it was. Granddad guarded that as if it was worth more [...]

FFftPP: Holiday Home

This is my entry into this week's flash fiction for the purposeful practitioner. I hope you enjoy my 100 word story 🙂 https://morguefile.com/creative/GaborfromHungary/60/all PICT0028-04_5_6_7_tonemapped Tina was exhausted by the time she had climbed all of the steps to reach the small courtyard. She looked down at the keys nestled in palm and read the number. Scanning [...]

FFftPP: Bowling

 “Of all the places I thought I would end up on New Year’s Eve…” Bobby shuffled his feet, and stuffed his hands in his pocket to mark his frustration. He would have kicked the bowling ball that lay at his feet except he knew how much that actually hurt. “What was that?” Daniel turned around [...]