Tiny Tuesday – Going up

"My feet hurt," Cheryl complained. "How much further?" "We'll be there soon," Daniel replied patiently. "You're the one wearing heels." "Sorry for not expecting to climb a mountain to our holiday home. You bought the house at the top, didn't you?" "It was you who wanted a view." I wrote this in response to fandango's [...]

WW/FFFC: Disaster

Today should be the happiest of her life. Her wedding day. Yet, here she was with the dress on her knees, crying because everything had collapsed. Her perfect man had deserted her for another woman. I wrote this in response to writing Wednesday and Fandango's flash fiction challenge. I have also made this piece to fit [...]

#FFFC: Proper boring

“You would think they would give us something more inspiring.” The girls sorted out her art materials ready to draw what they had revealed. “I mean, it is just a scarf, some books, a teapot, and the chair.” “You are forgetting the plant.” “It looks like a lettuce shoved in a glass. Even the scarf [...]

#FFFC: Teddy bears picnic

Written for fandango's flash fiction challenge “Isn’t this just perfect?” Teddy bear complained after being positioned on the chair. “This is supposed to be a teddy bears picnic, and here I am, on the stupidly high chair that I am with two others. I can’t reach the food, what is the point of being here [...]

#FFFC: The difference between

The young child pointed excitedly at the book. “Look grandad, this book has a maze on the front of it.” The grandad walked over and picked up the book in question. “Charlie, this is not a maze but a labyrinth.” “What is the difference?” “Well, it is actually very simple. If you look here, there [...]

FFFC: Office timer

This is my first ever attempt at Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge, hope you all enjoy it 🙂  The image below is from Mike at Pexels.com. I don’t know why, but dad’s egg timer always fascinated me. It wasn’t because of the size, all the colours of the grains of sand within. No, it was the [...]