#FFFC: Teddy bears picnic

Written for fandango's flash fiction challenge “Isn’t this just perfect?” Teddy bear complained after being positioned on the chair. “This is supposed to be a teddy bears picnic, and here I am, on the stupidly high chair that I am with two others. I can’t reach the food, what is the point of being here [...]

#FFFC: The difference between

The young child pointed excitedly at the book. “Look grandad, this book has a maze on the front of it.” The grandad walked over and picked up the book in question. “Charlie, this is not a maze but a labyrinth.” “What is the difference?” “Well, it is actually very simple. If you look here, there [...]

FFFC: Office timer

This is my first ever attempt at Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge, hope you all enjoy it 🙂  The image below is from Mike at Pexels.com. I don’t know why, but dad’s egg timer always fascinated me. It wasn’t because of the size, all the colours of the grains of sand within. No, it was the [...]