Monday journal… 18 April 2016

Hello, everybody 🙂 Monday is upon us once again and it feels like forever since I was able to write on my blog. In reality, I know that I only missed one weekly journal which is better than I was expecting. Not very surprisingly, my work in progress has not actually made any progress since [...]


Monday Journal… 25 January 2016

It is time to kickstart yet another week! Although, I kind of feel like Garfield this week… This is probably because I do not really have very much to report in this week’s Journal. You see, my work in progress is kind of stalled, because I spent my time thinking about that piece of work [...]

Things I am thankful for… 20 January 2016

Here is my list of five things for my burst of midweek positivity: Writing. This always seems to be a big part of my week that I am thankful for. I just really enjoy spending the time on my own and being creative. It is just something that I really enjoy doing 🙂 Reading. I [...]