WW – Safari

For this year's holiday, I decided I wanted some adventure. I wanted to see animals in their natural habitat, so I booked myself onto a safari. Lots of people try to dissuade me from going on my own, but I thought they were all panicking over nothing. We would be with professionals. What could go [...]

SPF: Empty streets

Photo courtesy of Unsplash Ever since this happened, this coronavirus quarantine, things have been very different outside my window. My flat overlooks what is usually a very busy intersection. I always said that the endless traffic and impatient honking of horns at every hour stopped me from sleeping. However, there are no cars travelling by, and [...]

Friday fictioneers: The artist’s frustration

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Kristin stormed out the studio, both her hands and face smeared with paint. “This isn’t funny, Simon! What have you done with it?” Simon folded his paper. “Done with what?” “You know exactly what. My paint tray. What else would I be talking about?” “I thought you were done, so [...]

SPF – Not what you’d expect

Photo courtesy of Morguef “You are probably wondering about the name,” the tour guide announced as she poked a finger at the sign. “I can tell you it is not the original name of this as it used to be Maple Hall. The name is a relatively new edition, created in 1966 by the new owner.” [...]

SPF: Instagram

Photo courtesy of DB McNicol My mate John is always showing pictures on Instagram of the most random things he discovers in life. As a result, I failed surprise when I logged on today to see the picture of the manikin. The manikin was, as they usually are, without a head and hands. John stood next [...]

SPF: Deal too far

Photo courtesy of Morguefile “Honey, you went believe the deal I’ve found down at the scrapheap!” William was brimming over with excitement as he rushed through the door. “Where are you?” There was a sigh as his wife lifted herself from the couch. “Coming.” She shuffled her heavily pregnant form down the hallway. He propelled her [...]

#FFFC: Proper boring

“You would think they would give us something more inspiring.” The girls sorted out her art materials ready to draw what they had revealed. “I mean, it is just a scarf, some books, a teapot, and the chair.” “You are forgetting the plant.” “It looks like a lettuce shoved in a glass. Even the scarf [...]

SPF: The Fox

Photo Credit Morguefile   The Fox inn was the focal point of the town. Not that this was unusual, as a pub was often the central point where people would meet. The food in the small place was exceptional, and the reputation preceded it. This meant it was always busy. The only remarkable thing was [...]