We need to talk about Ivan and psychopathy

Not writing, just something to think about. A very interesting article, that does ring true in a way. i don't think Cameron is a psychopath, bit far maybe, but he is using his experience to gain votes. I am not going to say the experience wasn't horrific, or one you'd wish on anyone, ever. I [...]


Thoughts on the international disability access symbol

I am a wheelchair user, but, have seen people telling non-wheelchair users they are not disabled. To change attitudes, change the symbol!

Elle and the Auto Gnome

There has been some talk of late about the international symbol of disability access…


We all recognise this, right?

It’s a symbol that everyone can understand without the need for language. We all know that this wheelchair symbol does not mean ‘us’ unless we are disabled. So these symbols get used in many countries to point out disabled-specific facilities such as parking spaces, wheelchair accessible toilets, alternative doorways for the disabled, safety ‘shelter’ areas in multi-storey carparks for those who cannot take the stairs in an emergency, and so on. We all know what this symbol means – there is no confusion over where the disabled facilities are.

Nothing is ever that simple, however.

The universality of this symbol (metaphorically speaking, although aliens may well need disabled access too 😉 ) means that over time the association has been less about the facilities it was intended to represent and more…

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Book review – High Stakes Seduction (High Stakes Seduction #1) – Ami LeCoeur

In this book, the main character, Angela, finds out that her father who has been missing for one year has now died. You find out that he has always blamed himself for the accident that killed her mother, and put her sister in a wheelchair. You also find out that he was a gambler, and [...]

Disability hate crime – A petition

Make disability hate crime a criminal offence Responsible department: Ministry of Justice   There are currently no separate criminal offences relating to ‘disability hate crime’ (unlike racially and religiously aggravated crime) as the existing legislation set out in section 146 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 (s.146 CJA 2003) is deemed sufficient. Victims of disability [...]

Freidrech’s Ataxia

So I thought it was probably time for me to blog about my illness/disability. It will help you guys out when I keep mentioning it, because you will know what I am talking about! It is called Friedrich’s Ataxia, and the official definition is: Friedreich's ataxia is an autosomal recessive inherited disease that causes progressive damage to the nervous system, resulting in [...]