Monday journal – 1 February 2021

I know they say time goes quicker when you get older, but this is ridiculous! How is it February already? My work in progress is still making progress, which is a plus! I wish it would go along quicker sometimes, but my brain really doesn't want to cooperate with me! Either that, or my muse [...]

The ‘what if’s’ of an idiot

Found on: But, you see, being disabled is divine for me, as it is who I am, and I don't want to change myself. I guess some climb the pity tree, but, honestly would anyone change what makes them, well, them? Does that make me the idiot? Well, then so be it! I share [...]

I am thankful for…

I put up some things that you can do with your smart phone on here the other day. One of them suggested that you keep a gratitude journal to keep up with the good things that have happened to you on that day. I was going to do this until I found out that the [...]