Just out of interest…

There was a very good and interesting discussion within one of my writing groups on Facebook. I think it would be very interesting to see what everybody else answers that this. The question was, What books are you supposed to like but really don't? For example, my answer to this one was to kill a mockingbird [...]


How I feel about books…

Well, okay, so mine do actually have batteries because I rely on a Kindle to read… But I still wonder why people are not generally carrying around books of any kind for their reading pleasure. This is especially true in waiting rooms, why do people not take a book along into a waiting room, but [...]

Things that inspire me to write

Okay, so I saw this question being asked here: https://thewritingchimp.wordpress.com/2015/02/28/what-inspires-and-motivates-you-to-write-part-1/ and thought that I would give it a go and answer it myself. Lots of different things inspire me though, so is actually more difficult to answer than I first thought. First of foremost in my mind, music. I do not have set music that I [...]