Yes, still hanging on in there!

I feel like I have spent most of my time away from my computer these days… But on the plus side this means I have got a lot of reading done 🙂 I have also finished the eye of the world (again mind you… Although it has been years) so I am ready for the [...]

How I feel about books…

Well, okay, so mine do actually have batteries because I rely on a Kindle to read… But I still wonder why people are not generally carrying around books of any kind for their reading pleasure. This is especially true in waiting rooms, why do people not take a book along into a waiting room, but [...]

Things that inspire me to write

Okay, so I saw this question being asked here: and thought that I would give it a go and answer it myself. Lots of different things inspire me though, so is actually more difficult to answer than I first thought. First of foremost in my mind, music. I do not have set music that I [...]