Monday Journal: 3 May 2021

Hello and welcome into another week 🙂 Can you believe it is May already? Where has this year gone? Anyway, I seem to have gotten a bit more writing done over the past seven days than I have for a long time. How typical that it is no longer time for camp? LOL! That's just [...]

Monday journal: 22 March 2021

Hello everybody and welcome into another week! Well, a week has gone by but there is nothing to report writing wise because I have been mostly in pain and nowhere near my computer to get anything done. Not that it would have made any sense, anyway! So, I have spent my time watching things like [...]

Book review: Storm front by Jim Butcher

In this book we follow around a man called Harry Dresden. What makes him stand out from everybody else? Well, he is a wizard, and he makes no secret about it. In fact, he has an advert in the papers under professional wizard, and he is the only one. He will not do parties or [...]