Zing printed out his latest masterpiece, then it could go to the agent. The creator of Zing patted the top of the screen like and grinned. It had taken him years to perfect the artificial intelligence needed to create a writer, but he had done it. The list of bestsellers proved it.Charles wondered if anybody [...]


Carrot ranch September 12: greatest gift

The greatest gift I ever received came not from anyone else. No, the greatest gift was the boost to my self-confidence when I showed my pictures to someone for the first time. While it wasn’t just someone because my friends had convinced me to put up a gallery as a kind of display of my [...]

Carrot ranch flash fiction challenge August 15: Sweet Jam

The following piece of fiction is a 99-word story inspired by the prompt provided by carrot ranch. The details can be found here.   Lost in time When my grandmother died, I was naturally devastated. It was the first death of a close relative that I had dealt with. On the day that I was [...]