Monday journal – 23 March 2020

Here we go on another week 🙂 I am doing okay, even the muscle spasms have left me alone so there is a good thing! I have been happily playing best fiends and have nearly made it to the end of a quest in special event! So, yeah, all good fun! Neverwhere is finished, so [...]

Song lyric Sunday: Vow/oath/promise

For today'ssong lyrics Sunday, they have given us the prompts of vow/oath/promise. There was so many songs that jumped into my head so I will share them all for you 🙂 First, we have my chemical romance with I'm not okay (I promise). This has absolutely no bearing to the situation we all find ourselves [...]


The end of the known universe could be approaching. And I disappear on you all! I am very sorry, but it is something I did not intend to do. Don't panic everybody, I am fine. Like the rest of you, I am pretty much at home and not really doing anything. Well, except finding pod [...]