Song of the day: Honourable mentions

Okay, now I finally got my Dragon Dictation to play along with me today I will get onto those honourable mentions.So, the theme for song lyric Sunday this week was danger/fears/terror/horror/nightmare. The main the song I chose was nightmare by avenged sevenfold. However, the following came a close second. Dangerous: Depeche Mode(just so you know, [...]

Song lyric Sunday: Danger/Fear/Terror/Horror/Nightmare

The theme for this week's song lyrics Sunday left me spoilt for choice. The prompt this week is danger/fears/terror/horror/nightmare. The choices seemed endless so in the end I went for the something that was probably obvious. Avenged sevenfold with nightmare. When I used to DJ in second life, this was one of my favourite tracks [...]

Writing Wednesday: 11 August 2021

Hello, and welcome to my challenge.   Writing Wednesdays is open to anybody, and they can write whatever they like. Longer fiction, short stories, flash fiction, micro fiction, or poetry, it’s all good 🙂   If you would like to participate, please give me a ping back so anybody can look at what you have put up!   [...]