Monday journal: February 6, 2023

Hello everybody 🙂

I know I didn’t post last week at all, but it was just one of those weeks when nothing seems to happen like you planned it to! I am hoping for better this week.

I have been working on my Jack the Ripper story and am trying to make it more poetic. The important word in that statement is trying! This is not going as well as I hoped. Maybe I should just reread the interview with a vampire… Oh, the chore!

Speaking of reading, I have finally finished the Lord of chaos, book 6 of the wheel of time series. I will probably read something different before starting book 7. No idea what just yet, but my library has a very long list waiting!

Watching wise, I am enjoying the adaptation of the worst witch on Netflix. I am also enjoying the second series of carnival row on Amazon prime. For those of you wondering why I would watch a children’s show, I will have you know that when I was younger the worst witch was one of my favourite series of books. I am reliving my childhood memories of the adventures of Mildred Hubbard! It is not a bad adaptation even though the stories are a little rushed. I completely understand why that would be needed.

Anyway, that is all I needed to update you on, so I will leave this journal right here. Until next time, stay safe out there.


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