Monday journal: February 20, 2023

Hello everybody!

It is Monday yet again, so it is time to update you!

Not much happened last week, except for my work on Jack the Ripper being reviewed by the group. Well, not all of it since it has not been written yet! This was the first murder of the five that are commonly believed to be victims. They complimented me on my attention to detail in parts of the description. Obviously, there had been some negatives, and they were down to maybe being gratuitous, and lacking the poetry that a vampire mind and described the killings. I will happily take those into account as I come round to edit and also continue to write.

The conversation then went on a bit of a tangent to the different suspects and our own opinions about them. We also pointed out that any DNA would have been contaminated over the years and we could never point the finger fully. We then started talking about more modern cases such as Nicola Bully and the mysterious disappearance. (This was before they discovered the body, although I do not think someone has formally identified it yet).

I was happy with the feedback I received! The rest of the discussions we had were very entertaining as well!

Looking forward to this week when I was really I will get the time to post more often! (It all depends on whether I get the inspiration to write up the second murder of the five!) I will leave this one here and see everybody soon. Until next time, stay safe out there!

Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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