Monday Journal: 26 September 2022

Hello everybody!

It has been ages; I know. First, I picked up coronavirus, so I am now one of the masses who survive. It didn’t make me very ill, but it affected my voice so dictating anything was in possible. Then, of course, we had a heatwave which meant that I needed to have my fan pretty close, which also made me unable to use in my dictation software. As I have all of that wasn’t enough, then my computer broke down!

Anyway, I am back now and ready to start on some writing!

While I was gone, I got some reading done, as well as a good bit of TV. I did for much the third season of the umbrella Academy, and I very much enjoyed it. However, I probably won’t be giving that a review as it has gone a very long way from its source material. Mind you, not that I wouldn’t recommend watching it as I found it to be very entertaining.

I also watched the Sandman, which I enjoyed immensely. I have never read the comics, and I have been warned away from the audiobook because of its rather gruesome sound effects. Watching that directly reincarnated my passion for my original work in progress! So, thank you Neil Gaiman!

On youTube there is a channel called adventures with purpose which I have been watching! They are well worth checking out and subscribing as that costs you nothing but to give them some support for what they do as volunteers. I don’t know if there is an English version, but then we don’t really have the waterways where cars might be discovered. It will be interesting to know.

Well, that has been my life for the past couple of months. What have you been up to? Anyway, that will do for me for now, so, until next time, stay safe out there.


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