Song lyric Sunday: Mind/Think/Brain

For this week’s song lyric Sunday, they have challenged us to find a song about mind/think/brain. My mind went to plenty of songs that would have done well at fitting the theme, but I have chosen virgin state of mind by k’s choice because I absolutely love this song.
I first discovered it on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer soundtrack.
From what I understand, there is about somebody that has been stuck in their own mind and is finally free but finds out that everything has changed. They are ready to move on and are trying to break down their own mental barriers. (The line, can I burn the mazes I grow? Shows this.)
Lyrics in the video description.

2 thoughts on “Song lyric Sunday: Mind/Think/Brain

  1. good choice but brain washed by George Harrison would be a good suggestion or another tune by that unknown band the beatles think for yourself


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