Song lyric Sunday: Rain

Okay, this week’s song lyric Sunday was hard! Not because I couldn’t think of a song do use, but because I found it very difficult to narrow down the songs so I could pick one. The task was to choose a song that mentioned rain.

Before I tell you which one I have picked out, I will give you some honourable mentions.
30 seconds to Mars: Hurricane
Travis: Why does it always rain on me?
The levellers: Rain on me.

They were the final four I narrowed it down to, and the one I have spotlighted is Garbage: Only happy when it rains. According to the lead singer, this song is about when you get a couple of people in a conversation that went to outdo this each other with bad things that have happened. For example, when you are telling a story about something that happened in your childhood and the other person will gel you about something that happened to them that was worse or sadder. I think we’ll know people like that!
Enjoy 🙂

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