Monday Journal: 7 March 2022

Well, I can hardly believe that another week has gone by already. I now I have posted much on here but I have been working on the second work in progress. The song inspired it behind blue eyes by the who. I will probably post it in a minute so you can hear it for yourself if you have not already. Anyway, the person behind blue eyes is a vampire. So far I have written a very short prologue which I am now going to follow with the first chapter.

It is very difficult to ignore everything going on in Ukraine (especially since I have friends out there which I don’t know what has happened to. They are gaming friends, so I don’t know where they actually come from or whether they have evacuated. I hope to find out one day.) Of course, I know some Russian people I am friendly with and I also don’t know what is going on with those as things like Twitter are not available over there at the minute. Mind you, knowing those people, they will be protesting. At least, I hope they are!

Anyway, let’s talk about happier things! I love about everything seems to be returning to normal after the pandemic. Not that the coronavirus has gone but at least for now we seem to live with it rather than die from it. I am constantly getting notifications about concerts, comedy events, theatre plays, and new music. Loving it!

I have now started book 3 of the wheel of Time series 🙂 I am also celebrating because they have announced that they have cast somebody to play Elyas for the series, which is a character I really missed in season one. Thrilled about that. Also, good omens 2 has wrapped, so that there is going to be coming soon. Can’t wait!

That is about it from me for this week so, until next time, take care out there!


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