Monday journal: 31 January 2022

Hello everybody!

It is Monday, so it is time for my weekly roundup. Not that there is much to roundup this time around because I have spent quite a lot of by time on the bed. Never mind, let’s hope this week’s just get better! The good news is that my medication is due to change tomorrow, so fingers crossed it will make a difference for the better.

On the plus, I have finally finished the second book of the wheel of Time series (only another 12 to go, LOL). Hopefully, he I will do a review about the books and the series that was on Amazon prime. They are very different, but then you would not expect them to be the same… It is an adaptation, after all!

Before I start on book 3, I am going to read at least one other book just trying to cut down on my library size in audible 🙂 I think I got overenthusiastic with some of my Christmas presents of vouchers!

I think that is about it from me for today. Let’s hope I am more active this week 🙂

Until next time, stay safe out there!


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