Monday Journal: 17 January 2022

Hello everybody!

Apparently today is blue Monday which is supposed to be saddest day of the year. I don’t know; it is a good day so far for me because it is Monday and I am writing my journal. Not only that, but I have actually posted every day for the last seven days! So, I don’t know about blue Monday, for me it is a celebration Monday!

I have even got the work done on my work in progress! About time too! So it is definitely not forgotten 🙂

Getting back into writing is something that I am definitely enjoying, and I have missed it over the past few… I dread to think… Months? I hope you are all enjoying what I am producing right now, you even though I am aware it is still not much compared to what I was doing. Small steps!

Oh well, that is about it from me today, so I will let you get back to whatever it is you usually do on a Monday! Until next time, stay safe out there!


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