Monday Journal: 11 January 2022

Hello everybody!

Well, it is a Tuesday again so I think you can tell what kind of week I am having right now, LOL! Mind you, it is becoming a bit of a tradition for me to update everybody on a Tuesday rather than Monday. I really hope I have an entire week without having to resort to swallowing a lot of painkillers! Today is going very well though so here’s hoping for a good run!

I hope everybody enjoyed the book review I posted last week, because I definitely enjoyed that book! (I honestly don’t think that everything I read is fantastic, I just tend not to review the ones that I did not like!) You know, books like 50 shades of grey which I wish I had never picked up. Or, things that most people seemed to like, for example, to Kill a Mockingbird which I found absolutely awful to read. It has nothing to do with the content or the language used to describe people, just the writing style.

This is about everything I need to tell everyone about my week. So, until next time, stay safe out there!


Leave your opinions and thoughts :-)

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